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Mar 3, 2009
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In just a few months, Google will release their operating system. According to Google, the OS is very light weight and will boot a computer in just seconds instead of minutes. When it comes out, will you try it?
I will go for a trial on this, it would be a preson from heaven if it is better then Microshit.
I'm still waiting to see how serious google actually are about this OS. I might be inclined to try it on a laptop, but I don't want something lightweight and so internet based on my home computer.
Yes maybe I would try it, though I would try it on another computer to test it if it is really compatible with other programs because it would be very risky to do it really on your PC which has important files in it.
I hope it is good.

They already have a mobile OS and a browser that seem worthy. The mobile OS (called Android) is awesome. I used it on the T-Mobile G1 and it is really worth it. You get up to the second data streaming through your phone. So you can get emails as they get into your inbox.

Then there is a lot of room for customization.

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