Greek resident: How to become Cyprus tax resident


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Hi, folks - hope you're well...

I'm Greek, living in Greece.

I have an online business, which I can run from home.

I have registered a company in Cyprus, because corporate tax is less in Cyprus.

However, I will still have to pay 20% on dividends to the Greek government.

I'm looking at how I can become a Cyprus tax resident.

From what I understand, I need to:

- Find an apartment in Cyprus, which I will use as a home office.

- Declare the address of the apartment as my company's address.

- Live in Cyprus for 3 months.

- Declare to the Cyprus tax authorities that I live in Cyprus.

- Declare to the Greek tax authorities that I live in Cyprus.

- Make sure I live in Cyprus at least 6 months of the year.

- Maybe even keep proof elements like plane tickets, utility bills etc.

Do I have things right?

Is there any simpler way to achieve what I'm looking for?