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Greetings from Asia!


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I've been lurking around here for a while, during a process of getting OUT of Europe, there is just no freedom or decent life left there at all...

These months of madness have been rather nice here, most days I take my motorbike to the river or local market, or for buying (even more) gold, or getting cash :)

Getting a company set up in Thailand has been an experience, and because of all the madness back "home" I now need to find new sources of income, which might make reading up here even more relevant...

I've always been viewing the world as a huge set of intricate systems, had some fun "hacking" airlines & getting tons of upgrades or cash, but always with a clean record.

Currently going even deeper into crypto, doing some online courses & want to use my background with 20+ years of Linux and Photoshop in perhaps new ways, perhaps helping some fellow entrepreneurs back in the West survive the insanity of rules, regulations & endless taxes. We'll see...

Here no one cares at all about whatever you've done as long as you pay some almost acceptable level of taxes, and once you have a work permit you're golden in most instances. Would prefer to keep mine, but if not there are of course other options!

Anyone want to know more about this particular jungle feel free to ask about anything :)

Cash, gold, crypto & great food is the thing!
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