Hello Newbie here.

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  1. DayWalker

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    Can I ask a stupid and probably obvious question?;

    How do the local authorities know if you're repatriating funds from an offshore account?

    Are the banks obliged to tell the authorities of regular payments being made into an account?

    I'm talking of banks inside the EU.
  2. DayWalker

    DayWalker Offshore Agent

    No one knows then?
  3. Admin

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    Well, if there is anything connected to your name it will be possible to trace it. If you are clever enough to setup a offshore strcuture where this isn't possible they won't or at least it is going to be very difficult.

    You should post in the proper forums to get answers, this is only to say hello :) :welcome:
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  4. DayWalker

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    Sorry Admin.

    I thought it was a dumb newbie question to ask that would get me 'flamed' if I was to ask it in a proper forum.