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Herbal business no license need just nature products.


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May 12, 2009
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We have a Herbal business for which we have been processing CC's for the last few years, everything works fine but now we would like to swicth to another bank, do you have any idea of which bank or processor to go with?
It will depend on where your business or company is located, also is your business considered as Pharmacy?

Do you have a 6 month processing history available
You should consider to enter in the European Union this will enable you to become low rates and also to have some more options available.

For instant ask the forum owners, they are able to help.

The bank of Mauritius is very slow and the few MSP's working for this bank are taking ridiculous fees, it is not the way to go, I have seen much better solutions then this.
Also, if you go for an incorporation for instant in the UK or maybe Cyprus :) you might look at the link below, if your services comply with this, else you will need to have a license.

Placing a herbal medicine on the UK market : MHRA