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high risk payment processor highriskpay.com ?

See, there are many other processors. They can give you the same thing without any hassle. ;)
I get very sick and tired of your hidden promotion of your payment services. I can tell you, it is not the way to get customers from here.

Fix your website, try to offer a real service and pay a mentor group gold membership for a months and you will see how you will get customers.

Waiting for people to bait and contact you is anyway a short game to run.
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I have send my application to them in order to see if I'm able to get a merchant account for a different business with this payment processor! So far good response but no result They are asking lot's of questions about this and that i.e. website, what business we are into, how we accept payments, if you use other payment providers and what the chargeback ratio.
I will be waiting for your earliest replie with this merchant account provider. From what I have researched it is a reseller for a dozens of MAP's they are only providing the payment gateway itself not the most important part, the merchant account agreement!

For anyone who has used them already, please post here about your experience with this payment gateway.
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