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Hong Kong companies risky for US?

Its consulting business i want them to partner with my company

And HSBC is the bank

So is this considered as safe ?

I mean Mercury wont close my company account for 6 months and then they say f..ck off and see other banks to bank with?
Officially, HK and the mentioned bank are not blacklisted, you need to refer to Mercury and ask them about their approach based on internal policy.
Hong Kong is a major international financial center. 2 million going from US to Hong Kong is about as remarkable as a snowflake in a blizzard.

As long as your papers are in order and you can provide agreements/invoices if requested, the transfer itself won't stand out.

Mercury wants account holders to have a genuine US presence/connection. If all you're doing is funneling money to HK, they might question the relationship on that basis.

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