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Hostgator Bad Experience just want to share!


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Jan 6, 2009
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I've have use Hostgator "baby" plan. I have really bad experience

1. Past 3 monts , i have 5 times downtime

2. When i talked to their support, it said they have technical problem with their server should be up within 10 mins and ends up 45mins downtime (5 of them becuase of techinical problem with their server)

3. When i order from Hostgator take me almost 2 days to get my account setup

So i was wondering what happen to all the reviews about HOSTGATOR, review it seems good but REALITY VERY BAD

I hope this experience will give those of you heads up about choosing HOSTGATOR for your personal or ecommerce hosting
Sorry to hear that, this is the first time I see a bad review on this company, they are almost everywhere advertised and used by thousands of small business all around the world.

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