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How comes paypal knows that we've given a VCC?


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Sep 13, 2009
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Hi there,

we can see this issue everywhere I guess. Many paypal users are not verified just because they don't have a credit card. This is not only the reason. Many other people who have only one credit card may have multiple paypal accounts here also one account remains unverified. If we verify this with a VCC how paypal knows that it is not an actual Credit card?
I find the credit card verification confusing, I never understood what stopped someone from just closing the credit card after it was verified. You have the ability to change your payments to go to another account , a check or even a paypal card so whats the point?
Technology has power to check frauds.But human being can easily change the technology.So whenever PayPal wants, they can easily check whether the account is verified through virtual Credit Card or real credit card.But personally I think,using a VCC for Account verification is not a mater of grave concern for PayPal.when there is no other way left to verify Account,VCC is the last option.