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How easy/difficult to open Bank account with FDIC insured bank in Puerto Rico ?


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Jun 8, 2020
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Those are the 5 FDIC insured banks in Puerto Rico : Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Banco Santander Puerto Rico, FirstBank Puerto Rico, Oriental Bank and Scotiabank de Puerto Rico

anyone has opened an account with 1 of them ?
I was about to try with Popular, they have a deposit in EUR, what discouraged me is that they do not communicate via email. They only publish a phone contact where very rarely they speak English and my Spanish is basic.

it looks as Banco Santander was bought by First Bank, did not explore because is USD only. They have a mail address to contact.

Oriental has a chatbot and probably a customer service behind. They have bought Scotiabank. Looks as USD only.

Btw i think they open to PR/US residents only.

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