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How important is the country the Host is based? Host Overseas?


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Feb 9, 2009
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Hi there!

I'm wondering if you can tell me something about your experience with a host/server in a different country or overseas.

My webpage will be mostly frequented by Australians.

What do you think is the advantage and the disadvantage of having a host in

your own country and having one overseas?

I'm thinking about stability, traffic speed, peak hours in different time zones,

customer service, ....

What are your experiences?
The best hosting solutions compared to price/benefit is in the US, you will have stable hosting, cheap pricing and state of the art support.

During the time in the Internet Business much have been tried and it is simply not possible for any host in the European Union to match the pricing, support and the ultra fast change of "equipment if needed" !

Look at Dedicated Server, Managed Hosting, Web Hosting by Rackspace Hosting they are that expansive with their dedicated servers that you must be an idiot if you can't find anything cheaper in the US and with better support.
For visitors is the same. But for you it's always better to have the host in your country of residence, because support staff will be in the same time zone as you are (exceptions are companies that have 24h support staff working) and file management is much slower if you are in different country, which is a big hassle if you update your site frequently.
I am hosting my websites on the US and honestly I couldn’t think of any disadvantage on hosting on different countries compared to hosting my site on my own country. All I could think of is advantage since the price is lower compared to my country’s hosting sites.

Most of the hosting sites from my country are only reseller and they are selling the hosting account higher than it would normally sells.

Your visitors depend on your content. If you are going to provide contents coming from Australia then you must expect some Australian visitors too. If you want visitors coming from other countries then provide some content from that particular country.
Well it doesn't matters in which country your hosts is located. All that matters is the accessibility speed and the bandwidth offered. Since many of the websites traffic come from international members it doesn't make any difference if your hosts is international or domestic.
Lets say that you have a website which has almost only Australian visitors then it would make sense to host your site on an Australian server. This would mean that the site would be accessible as quick as possible for your visitors.