How is the life here and there?

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  1. void

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    I'm looking for some reliable and up-to-date info about common life in Caribbean. I mean what are the differences nowadays between "European" islands (like Martinique, St. Maarten) compared to "independent" ones, how does the infrastructure work, health care, Internet connection, safety ...
    So I wanted to ask people living there to write their short summary, how they see it, what's worth mentioning, etc. - maybe open a new ticket for each country.
    And then realized I'd actually like to know more about exotic/offshore/more free countries all over the world... Maybe I'm not the only one and Admin could consider opening the whole new forum section ("Living in ..."). Just a suggestion ;-)
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  2. Martin Everson

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    This is a big topic to cover. A relocation section would be good.
  3. Shlomo

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    From what little time I have spent there, I can say that you better have a lot of money! If so, life is very good; however, if you do not have a lot of money, do not think for a moment to move there.