How IT could generate improvements in your business.

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To generate significant bottom line improvements in business performance, IT must be an originator of business improvement ideas rather than simply an implementer. Practically it means active business position of IT department managers and self-interest to improve a situation of company top management.

This role requires IT staff to gain deeper business knowledge to accompany their technical skills and to work more closely with their business colleagues to seek improvement opportunities. Business has to be firmly tied with IT infrastructure in order quickly to find effective solutions.

IT has to be applied to the areas of the business that provide the greatest contribution to the bottom line. Think of areas such as sales and product development rather than HR and automation clerical functions. Other words apply your resources in the first place to the business spheres that generate income. Prioritizing of IT improvements is very important, sometimes even critical for the business success.

Implement a job rotation program that places IT staff in business positions to gain a better understanding of how the company operates and to seek opportunities to improve the technology.

Outsource off-site IT Company to gain Cutting Edge IT technologies. Also it is important to compare performance of internal IT department with the performance of outsourcing IT organization. It is possible to organize by setting similar but not the same tasks for both of them. If an internal department loses the competition it is a message to think about its improvement.

Do you use IT in your business? What kind of IT is it?


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Improvement in business through IT,Including this

business Improvement in business can also me made through customer satisfaction and It can be made only by The most effective way to measure client satisfaction is to survey your clients by means of a written questionnaire.

You can deliver the questionnaire in person, by regular mail, electronically or some combination of these formats. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on you and your clients.

Regardless of how you deliver the questionnaire, include an explanation of why you seek your clients' opinions and instructions for completing and returning the completed questionnaire.

The questionnaire itself could include questions the client learned about you...your responsiveness to their issues and concerns... overall level of satisfaction and so on.

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