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How much money do you need monthly/daily to run your family?


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Sep 15, 2009
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Money is most essential to maintain a peaceful and tension free life.Even I am writing this post/discussion, because I have money to pay my ISP(Internet service provider) and have the capacity to buy and maintain a PC.I need more money to sustain a peaceful family life. My minimum need is $500/month.If I can manage $100 or 20% of requirement from Online sources,It would be a great a achievement for me.What's about your requirement and how much you mange from online sources?
Money plays an important role in this materialistic world.Everybody is running after money,whether online or offline.What ever it may be, I need $400 to run my family smoothly.Thanks that you are trying to earn 20% of your target from online sources.It is really too hard for me.I am trying to earn $40/month from online works which is 10% of my requirement.
The truth of the matter is that I can barely afford to pay my bills, and I certainly couldn't do it on my own. The prices of everything in todays world just seems to be up and up some more, and I just have to wonder how anyone can even afford to live anymore.
Hi AstralEclipse ,

Yes you are right to a some extent.The price rise in goods and services has made our lives more miserable.But we have to strive for excellency.That's the best way to survive in this competition world.You should work hard ,and there are enough avenues to earn more online.Hard work always pays the dividends.
I really do not feel comfortable disclosing my expenses, but I will say that I live in a very expensive State...and my family is barely staying afloat at all, and it seems to be getting harder and harder all the time, and I seem to be earning less each year, instead of more :(
I complelty agree with you. Money is the most impotant thing is this world to live happily and make your family secured. usually I need $600 pe month to keep my family happy. And I earn almost 20 to 25% of money from Online work. Its hard for me to manage everything from my salary.

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