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How to avoid paying VAT ?

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I don't know how to avoid VAT. But why don't you increase your prices for the customers who incurrs VAT, by the amount of VAT? And be upfront with them about it.

"Boddy, you're from EU, and therefore I'll have to pay VAT, therefore, a price for you will increase by 21%".
Many pages does that, not the first time I have to remind the website I'm based in Hong Kong so they remove the VAT


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HK, Singapore and US don't have VAT for digital services online
he runs an ecommerce and so sell goods as far as i understood. The company which effectively sell/store/send the goods will have to pay the VAT and this not on the profit margin but on the sale price.
Thinking you can invoice from a company outside EU is no more possible as even the big marketplace are already or will soon (depend on which one) report all sales so a matching can be made between sellers, their turnover and if they are effectively paying VAT.
moreover some places like amazon or ebay will collect themselves the VAT :/


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Have a look to a website like dx.com
Do you see them charging any VAT?
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