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How to become a Cyprus Bank Account if I’m from outside Europe or the US?


Dec 29, 2008
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This is some of the questions we get a lot of times through our live chat or by e-mail, this is very simple to answer, you just apply for the bank account and then you will get the required applications which you need to read, sign and return to sender. You do not need to visit the bank and everyone can get a bank account and a Visa Electron card.

What do I need the bank account for? Pretty easy, you can use it for business purpose or simply for asset protection. The benefit is, that you get a Visa Electron Card for your Bank Account and with that you can withdraw your money in any ATM all around the World.

Above should give some one of answers which people might have or also inspire to new questions or discussions about this topic, feel free to post questions, comments or opinions. :)