How to cash out BTC?


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What are the ways of cashing out btc?
I heard debit card is not possible at this time.
So we only have to use exchangers?


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You could singup for a Mister Tango or Kraken account and transfer the money to your local account ;)
so first sending to Kraken wallet from our btc wallet and then withdraw from kraken to our local bank account , right?

But the local banks may ask for taxes for those payments in the future? or may ask source or reject transaction if they don't like?


Kraken is an exchange and will send funds to your bank account in EUR (SEPA) or CAD (SWIFT). The local banks won't ask you for taxes, but the tax authority might if you are a tax resident. It's hard to help you since you never mentioned where are you based and where are you trying to cash it out.