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How to find good Article Directory to promote a site?

Its good to submit to article submitting sites

The positive effects of article submitting for publishers of news sites, blogs and other web sites is outstanding. Article writing can introduce the sites that you own or you like to others with relevant tastes, can drive traffic to your site, and valuable backlinks.When you google about article submitting sites you can find many lists.Submit a good article and you will surely pay for this.
Simple! Use google!! just type in 'article directory'. and the first page will be full of the webs best article directories, like goarticles and ezinearticles, though there are many more.

I found a good list when I searched for 'increasing blog traffic'.
It is better You write different article

Its better that you write a different article. But that must be a related topic to your blog. Inside the article you can give links to your blogs. Starting ending and middle are the places where you can place links to your blog.
It all depends on how good your article is and how popular it becomes in a short time. Many articles submitted to article directories doesn't always get that much of traffic. If people are skilled in writing articles they can start their own blog in order to attract business to their sites.
Just type the word “article directory” on Google and then you would see a lot of results. The best article directories to submit it are ezinearticle and goarticle since they have the largest readership.
julijuli said:
Thank you for your explanation guys, but if we want to promote our site via article directory, should we publish a brand new article or can we just pick one article from our blog? Which is better?
I would prefer writing a brand new article every time you put it in a new directory. Because sometimes article directories might ban your account if you put up an article from a website which has a different name.

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