How to find introducer to open an account in Cyprus?

Discussion in 'Cyprus Bank Accounts' started by libby, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. libby

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    Hi all, i have no idea where to find the introducer,
    anyone can help? please PM!

    I am going to do some business like Uber, we need an account to support different currency and want to transit back the money to Asia like Hong Kong..

    Please advise! ;)
  2. Admin

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    You can start using Google or check signatures on forum members to find services for offshore company formation and offshore banking.

    Almost any CPA or Lawyer in Cyprus can introduce you to a bank.
  3. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Uber like one is sucks. Why everyone copy each other? Try something new perhaps Uber for Introducers :)
  4. Bmw850

    Bmw850 Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Seems there is introducers here, I have always fine mine through Google.
    But when you find don't forget to look for feedback, make your due diligence including trust pilot
  5. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Trustpilot is flawed. Fake reviews everywhere. Do not trust any site that has 4-5 stars. I would trust one with 3.5 rather than 5 stars.

    :D and is the only ones caught my eye. They look so neat and professional.
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    I agree, Trustpilot you can forget about! However, if you find some certified CPA or similar you should be fine.