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How to Get another Citizenship? Easiest way?

What are my best chances at getting a third Citizenship?

I have a EU and Canadian Citizenship acquired through years of paying taxes on my hard earned profits.
I'm done with Canada and soon relocating overseas.

What are the best countries where I will get the best chance at getting a third Citizenship?

- I run an online business so I can work anywhere (ideally in a low tax jurisdiction)
- I have wife and a kid with me... so citizenship through marriage isn't an option unless you know some good lawyer that can set me up with a " local girlfriend" (?) lol
- Please don't ask me why I need a third passport, in fact, I am aiming to have acquired in total at least 5x citizenships over the next 10-15 years.
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Is there a stay requirement to switch from TR to PR and then any requirement from PR to Citizenship? In terms of length of stay within the Country and time spent abroad
2 weeks of pre-analasys (remotely), 2 weeks in Mexico City and 2 days in another big city. Private drivers arranged and all appointments scheduled.

After that there is no need to visit at any point of time.

Mexico is a popular one currently. Feel free to reach out.
mexico has been popular for a while, but it's not a legitimate program. But with corruption there are many options available, even better than mexico thu&¤#
Why you say it's not legitimate?
when I say not legitimate, I mean they do not have a government backed citizenship for cash investment scheme which is upheld by the countries constitution.

Countries like St Kitts, Antigua, Vanuatu etc. all have these citizenship programs. Mexico does not. But in fact you are able to almost buy citizenship of any latin country, you just need the right person, usually this starts with a well connected lawyer thu&¤#

I have a mexican lawyer:cool:
I suppose you become effectively a citizen so that you can renew such passport at the Mexican embassy/consulate when time of renewal comes?

Also, can you guys mention a ballpark figure for such a setup? Are we talking 100Ks USD?
This is not a path I recommend taking. Even assuming you get what you pay for, you will eventually get into big troubles, for absolutely nothing as a passport is perfectly useless unless you are a poor undocumented slave working in Dubai.

I don't mean to straight up pay for the citizenship. I meant if a country has a residence requirement for citizenship of lets say 5 years, you can grease the wheels of some beaurocrat and maybe get away with a citizenship with a residence stay of 2-3 years.

Don't know if that is possible, but I wouldn't be surprised if people done worse to get a citizenship.
There are numerous cases when people learn during passport control at an airport that their Mexican passports were revoked (due to "greasing the wheels of some beaurocrat"). There is no way to get a Mexican citizenship with a residence stay of 2-3 years - the fixers use forged documents and a person who is supposed to check them doesn't do it properly, but these documents are regularly rechecked later when someone is accused of corruption in the place where the forged documents were submitted and approved. Consequence - revoked citizenship/passports and a potential prison term.
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There are many ways to do this legitimately! No need to pay anything to anyone. DYOR. It takes time, but it can be done. Find a place that your wife & child are comfortable with. Don't jump gung-ho into anything. Familiarize yourself with the subject and the potential countries.
If you are dedicated and focused, you'll be qualified to make an informed decision in about 12 - 18 months. It is then that you should choose your target country.

Good luck!
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