How to pay for Mentor Group with Bitcoins, read here!


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Hello Guys,

We are happy that so many choose to join the Mentor Group, it's much appreciated.

From time to time we get e-mails about how to pay by bitcoins and how we can keep track on bitcoin payments user specific so I thought it was time to outline the procedure a little more.

Here you can find details on how to make the payment by bitcoins, you even find the address there that has to be used to make the payment.

Step 1:
Make the payment to the address specified at the above link!

Step 2:
Once payment is sent make a screenshot for this payment or safe the link to the transaction.

Step 3:
Send the screenshot or payment link using our contact form Contact Us or use the contact form to let us know you have made a payment to us, so we will get back to you asap.

Step 4:
Once we have confirmed the payment is received we will do a manual upgrade of your account.

Step 5:
You have access to the Mentor Group now.

We hope everything is clear and that this small guide will help you to get through the process quickly and without oubts on how to upgrade your account to Mentor Group access using Bitcoins as payment method.

Thanks for your continued support :)


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Thank you for the info, I just send you €95 please upgrade as soon as you can :)

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I want to pay with BTC but how do I calculate the rate to use? Should I just take the spot exchange rate on Bitstamp or some other major exchange?


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use the current btc to euro rate and send them an e-mail right after. That's what I did and got my account upgrade a few hours after :)


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I paid 1140 for 1 year in bitcoins to you, please check your account and upgrade me to Mentor Group!

Also PM me how to advertise here on the forum please!

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