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How to refund your money on paypal?


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Sep 11, 2009
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I have just purchase some things online using paypal but later after doing some researching on the products, I have change my mind because I can see that some people have been scammed by the same online company.

Can anyone suggests how i go around refunding my money back from the online store.
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davidm23 said:
Hey there..
I don't think that such a refund option is available with pay pal. The only refund available with paypal is refunding the payment you have received. This you can see at the details of the transaction you have made. I suggest you to go to support section and put up a dispute. But if you have purchased it and got the product paypal won't support you . They will just support the seller.

Now i am stuck with the orders and I am wondering whether i will get the products that i have ordered too. Anyway, I have learned my lesson and that is never to do online business without a thorough researching.

Thanks guys, for the infos.:rolleyes:
The only chance you have of getting your money back is for you to make a claim to Paypal directly, and they will look into the matter, and then hopefully get your money back to you afterwards. Besides that, I can't really think of much to suggest :(
You can go to Paypal online dispute system within 45 days from the date of purchasing. Have you got any online receipt from the company? Its difficult to get your money back if the company has dispatched your item.

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