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How to Register an Offshore Company in the BVI

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tax paradise jurisdictions the profits of an offshore company will be typically be tax free.

Entrepreneurs resident in high tax jurisdictions may employ a 0 tax offshore company and amass profit offshore. Profits might be permitted to roll-up so tax advantages could be gained on investment revenue as well as the first profits. Accumulative profits can consequently be substantial. Payments repatriated to the high tax country of residence by company directors and investors are taxable at the rates of shareholder's / director's home country. Anti-avoidance legislation in their country of residence may also have to be considered in the carefully thought out planning and structuring of an offshore company. We counsel all clients to talk to their pro advisers in their country of residence on such matters. Our offshore company formation services are good for trade, tax mitigation and asset protection. Privacy Privacy solutions Property Possession with an Offshore Company Property Possession As an Investment Car Investment Auto Work Company - Pro Services Work Company Offshore Trading Firms Offshore corporations engaged in global trade ( import or export, as an example ) may use an offshore company to take orders but prepare for delivery to be made of the point of production or purchase. Profits on the transactions may so be amassed in the offshore company taking on low or no tax. Business Holding Companies If a holding company is situated in an offshore jurisdiction which is freed from revenue and firm tax, and where dividends needn't be paid, the subsidiaries of the holding company can gain advantage from the profits amassed in the tax free jurisdiction because they could be invested or used to fund the subsidiaries.

Private Holding Corporations Offshore If someone owns a number of assets in a few different states they may consider holding these thru an individual offshore holding company. This would give the individual privacy and, on passing, probate may only must be asked for in the country where the offshore company is incorporated instead of in each country where the assets are situated.

The arrangement is subtle, simplifies the administration of the deceased's affairs and saves legal costs. The individual could also want to build a trust to hold the shares of his company, so that on his expiration the advantages of his assets may neatly devolve to his successors with no inheritance tax ( depending on the jurisdiction ). Holding company for Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patents and Royalties It is possible for offshore companies to be allotted or purchase the rights to use and to sub-license patents, copyright and intellectual property.

Consideration to the value of the asset at time of transfer should be given ; a longtime patent would be more valuable than a patent at patent-pending stage so would cost the company more. Royalties may derive from a high-tax jurisdiction and should be subject to withholding tax at source. Such taxes might be reduced if paid to a company in a tax free jurisdiction. The object of an offshore trust or Foundation A trust or foundation might be used for a selection of private, estate, money, tax and business planning objectives, and is sometimes utilised together with a basal offshore company. The objectives may include : Protection of assets from future private responsibility Tax Planning - reducing estate / inheritance, capital gains and tax.

Provision for spouses and other dependants, particularly those who may not be able to manage their own affairs ( young youngsters, the elderly, the disabled or sick ). Efficient and punctual distribution of assets on death Confidentiality Avoiding forced heirship Preservation of family wealth Continuity of family business Possession of assets and investments Creating annuities or worker stock option plans Protection of bank in company financing transactions Making or making provision for Charities.
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Does it matter if what offshore jurisdiction you are register your company as long as it is offshore?

We have a Panama corp and one in Costa Rica now we are considering the Belize or Seychelles not sure which one or if we do both...