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how would the tax work in this situation? HELP!!!!


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Sep 6, 2009
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suppose i have a real estate development company registered in the cayman islands, and the funds at hsbc situated in the cayman islands. i currently live in ontario canada, and i would like to start investing here in canada with the funds in the cayman island bank. Now suppose i use the money from my offshore account to buy a property and rebuild the house and suppose i sell the house for 1.2 million CAD and make ($ 300,000 profit) on the sale of the house. Would the customer who bought the house make the payment to the caymanian offshore account in HSBC? What methods could i use to pay the labour/materials from the offshore account? Also how would the tax work in this situation since the company is registered in an zero corporate tax country but is operating in a country that does have corporate taxes? How could i make this transaction legal without paying any corporate taxes (if there is a way). Please be detailed i only have limited info on this topic and would like to have fully informed.

Hello friends

My sister and her ex broke up from a relationship during Christmas. For a time they used to live together under his roof with her baby son. While they were raising him, they found out that her ex wasn't the biological father. However, her ex still agreed to support both my sister and her child.

Now, skip ahead a couple of months and all the saucy events. They broke up, have cut their ties, and now my sister is living under my roof. Her ex of course isn't the biological father, doesn't pay child support etc. However, while filing for taxes, my sister found out that her ex claimed her son and got maybe a little more than a thousand dollars back. To make matters worse, he took all the money out of her son's bank and kept the money to himself. My sister is infuriated, because she says that now that he claimed her son, she herself gets nothing. She personally knows him to be a swindler with money, spending his paycheck on bulls**t like new clothes, grillz fo' his teef, even on a new gun. I, of course, was taken aback, especially when I found then he insists that he keep the money.

Anyway, considering all these shennanigans with her ex claiming my nephew on taxes etc., what are the legal implications of the situation? She's young, 19, and I'm considering taking her to consult with a lawyer. Also, as much as I must hold back, I would like to bash her ex's face in, although I'd be careful not to provoke his crew of vermin. But right now, I feel quite invincible at the moment.

Thanks to all friends

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