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How you manage multiple phone number/sim/virutal number ?

troubled soul

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Aug 23, 2020
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what is your setup to manage multiple phone number ?
Virutal Number , Sim or eSim...
Which is the best device or software or any sort of setup to maintain multiple phone number easily ?
For different country sim , different provider ...
What is your workaround for this ?
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  1. For me, personally, multiple dual sim mobile phones. I compartmentalize everything, so I have several mobile phones. Make sure you travel with their original invoice listing their IMEI with your name. In many Western countries, people freak out when you have several phones.
  2. And the crème de la crème: Multi SIM Adapters - Number of SIM
#2 is an invaluable piece of device. I have 3 of these: Speed ZX-Eight Nano SIM


I only use 2 out of the three and keep the third one as a reserve/backup in case one of the other ones craps out on me. Works like a charm!

Check out their website! Dual SIM for iPhone and Android - SIMore DUALSIM Expert So many options.

Good luck!

PS. This one DualSIM@home 3 works with my 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular perfectly too.
What about all the many web services offering, SMS services and call forwarding to any phone number of your choice?
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