I have been an iCard user for about 2-3 months, seek help, account frozen

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  1. Crypt0C0P

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    I have been an iCard user for about 2-3 months. This 4th of July they suddenly, out of the blue, restricted my account – which has 250 USD – asking me to mail the notarized copy of Passport and Proof of Address to their HQ. In fact, I have already submitted these docs while registering the account via email, and my account was approved!

    And even if I after send the docs spending 75 USD+ for shipping, their internal department will again go through the sent documents and update the account status! Which means even after I send the requested docs, there is a guarantee that my restrictions will be lifted off my account!
    I don’t think I have violated any of their policies. However, this happened right after a day, my other friend linked an iCard MasterCard to a PayPal account!

    Thank You!
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  2. Martin Everson

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    How is your friends PayPal stuff connected to your case?

    Why would it cost you 75 USD+ to mail a letter to Bulgaria, are you based on the moon?

    It could just be normal updating of their records. However when you say "I don’t think I have violated any of their policies", it kind of leaves doubt that you suspect you know what the problem might be i.e violation of their terms and policies...maybe crypto transaction or something I don't know ;-)
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  3. Admin

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    Why would you at all spend time on an account with USD 250 on if the courier charges are USD 75 ??? this seems to me all a little strange!

    and why don't you open your own thread? I just created a new thread for you without warning points!
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  4. Crypt0C0P

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    Because where I am from, 250 USD is quite an amount to consider!

    Though I had this account opened for a while, honestly, I couldn't figure where and how to post a new topic on the forum. I did a quick google on how to post on the forum, but no luck. So, came to a conclusion that maybe newbies aren't allowed to post until they acquire some forum-related rep/points! Then, I searched for similar topics related to my issue and then tagged the (experts?!) users and posted a reply to the post.
    However, thank you for making it a separate post!

    P.S. I still don't know how and where to post, mind to forward me link or screenshots to help?
  5. Crypt0C0P

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    I am wondering maybe linking the card to my friend's PayPal (which, obviously, has a different name than my name on the iCard account) could have violated the policies! I am not sure!
    And, no I haven't performed any transactions related to crypto!

    DHL and every other reputed courier services are showing similar high prices!
  6. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    You don't need to DHL to Bulgaria it is not the Caribbean or Africa....lol.

    That's probably it. Without examining the terms and conditions of icard, logic tells me that use of your card by a third-party would violate any companies T&C.
  7. David97255

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    I don't know what is the exact problem.. but honestly and I know each dollars is important but 250 usd less 75 usd already.
    Relax I know them well , they will not steal 250 usd. ( A bit more is possible )
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  8. Crypt0C0P

    Crypt0C0P New Member

    What do you mean by this?

    You mean there is a high chance of after I send the docs, it will be accepted and the account will be fully functional?!
  9. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    This smells like the physical docs are actually being requested by the card provider through icard. Card providers have sophisticated algorithms to track how cards are being used. They can check if a card is used outside of the agreed terms, countries etc they have with icard. This is what happened with Wavecrest when Visa terminated business with them.

    Where are you based and where is your friend based?
  10. John Spectre

    John Spectre New Member Entrepreneur

    Crypt0C0P, are your card activity related to the crypto and you often withdraw money with atm? if so, it's normal that they ask for docs. It's a generic trigger which require to verify your identity.
    Just send them docs and continue use service as before.
  11. Crypt0C0P

    Crypt0C0P New Member

    No, I haven't used it for crypto-related activity and neither do I use it for ATM withdrawal!
    I used it for paying for applications, shopping and FB ads!