I would like to upgrade to Mentor Group membership

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  1. Marioho

    Marioho New Member

    I want to pay with BitCoin, however, I can't send pm to admin, Could you please help me?

    I tried to pay with paypal but no success.
  2. jakonda

    jakonda New Member

    Hi guys, I am using this old thread and hope admin(s) or anyone from mentors ppl will write a short reply. From time to time I was reading public forums but wasn't active at all. Now I would like to join the mentor's group because I need some advice on international trade (offshore company structure), etc... .Before paying for anything I would like to know if the group is still active. Anyone with letters of credit experience there? How up-to-date are conversations (i.e. s0me public threads are quite old). Can I buy first "one month sub. access" and if I find content useful pay the difference and get the yearly access, or should I pay full amount after monthly sub. is over? Thanks a lot !
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  3. Admin

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    It's pretty simple, you subscribe here https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/account/upgrades pay with paypal and good is. If you only want to stay 1 month you cancel your subscription and won't be charged again.
  4. jakonda

    jakonda New Member

    Okay great! I got it and I am looking forward to do it - I think I misunderstood and thought that Mentor Group access and Premium Member option are the same things. Now, I realized I can pay for Mentor Group on monthly basis only and there is not yearly access nor discount (can anyone confirm this?).
  5. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    Thats correct!