IBC founding on Marshall Islands

Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by CarlosBir, Jun 14, 2018.

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    Hey, I would like to form an IBC on the Marshall Islands but I'm not sure if I can do this on my own because I read that I need a secretary and an office. Can anyone help me? I was wondering if maybe I could be the secretary myself and only have a virtual office. There are multiple services on the internet that offer help but I really would like to do this by myself. Has anyone here expierence with the Marshall Islands?
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  2. CarlosBir

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    I am also wondering if those business opening services are legit in the case that I wanted to use one of them?
  3. Banker89

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    You need a registered agent service. There is only one in Marshall Islands, and they do not deal direct with the public, so you have to go through an intermediary. Pretty much like any offshore jurisdiction. You cannot deal direct with the government.
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    Thank you, that's very useful information.

    Can you please recommend someone to me who I can contact to form an IBC there?
    Maybe you can send me a private message

    What should the price be to form an IBC? I saw on a couple of websites that the government fee is around 450 dollars and then there's also cost for the secretary and so on. So the price for 1 year is around 950 dollars total. Is that correct and how do I find an intermediary that is legitimate?

    Do I need a specific bank account to open a business there? Like in USD or another currency? I would like to open an European bank account (e.g. Mistertango) and use that account for my business. Is that possible and are there any risks to it? I want everything to be legitimate.

    I'm new to offshore banking, sorry for so many questions.
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    I mean I am new to offshore businesses
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    What agents do Marshall Islands company?