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IBKR with Dubai FZCO Audited Account


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Nov 7, 2021
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I have an account on IBKR registed with my FZCO some years ago. Today I noticed this notification in the "Pending Items" section:
"Document Submission / Submit Annual Audited Accounts for *** Fzco / Not Yet Received"

The problem is that I started keeping accounting only from 1 Jan 2024, since I thought it was not mandatory before.
Did that happen to others? How did you solve?
Had better check our IBKR ccount. I have just been requested audited accounts by DIEZ to which we are in the same situation as you - currently pending a response from our accountant.

According to IFZA: "Financial statements are only required to be audited for Corporate Tax purposes, for the following categories:

A Qualifying Free Zone Person
A Company deriving Revenue exceeding AED 50 million during the relevant Tax Period"
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