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Ideal offshore tax structure for UK based Ltd company

- no need of big4, just a very good accountant
- forget the offshore scheme, you will get in trouble, it does not work
- you have 2 main options:
1. find someone trusted (big challenge) that can run your company day to day, you move abroad, for example to dubai (but there are other options), you only take dividends. Problem: if you have wife and kids then they have to move abroad with you as you have to make sure to "cut all ties". Dont even dare to think about a fake foreign residency, HMRC and Home Office know exactly how many days you spend in the UK.

2. stay in the UK, dont pay yourself a salary, make sure your income is less than £9k per year, incorporate a holding company, transfer the shares of your trading company to the holding, your trading company will pay dividends to the holding company (zero tax), from your holding company you take no more than 50k per year of dividends (3k tax, 47k net in your pockets); if someone of your family is involved (for real) in the business give them a share class B of your holding company and that person can do the same (no more than 9-10k of income per year, 50k in dividends). Additionally ask your GOOD Accountant how to make the most of pension pots, SIPP, EIS and SEIS schemes and all similar things. The rest of the money you keep in the holding company and can invest. Or can simply be your piggy bank from which you can draw 50k per year in dividends. You can always draw more than 50k in dividends but the dividend tax will hit you
"HMRC and Home Office know exactly how many days you spend in the UK."

How do they know this?

GOOD uk accountants and/or business men will tell you that they keep very accurate track of their travels, counting exact number of days as per the rules (where were you at the midnight on a given day, etc.)

TOP uk accountants and/or business men, once a year, also submit the request to border police/home office to have a copy of their logs

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