Ideas for business account (GBP) for UAE business?


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LeuPay have stopped servicing the UAE.
Are there any EMI's which offer GBP accounts for countries outside EEA - specifically UAE?

Really let down by LeuPay, as it was a great solution and I referred lots of people to their service.
No I can no longer to this.


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I know about Starling Bank, which works only with GBP. But you will need to establish a partnership for purpose of the opening account.


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At Banq site they write that: " We offer business accounts to businesses registered in the Netherlands".

@MrTony can you share your experience with Starling?
will they accept UK company with Chinese shareholder, for example?
how verification proccess is going on usually?
I haven't tried yet. I will inform if I do.


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Maybe you should think about an European company if it s so difficult for UAE company to get account even at emi's .
Maybe use it as a "filter" to get the GBP and then send them to UAE if you want.