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If the paypal acct is unverified, can the money be transferred to another?

I hope that someone can answer this. A friend of mine has a paypal account and have some money on the account. His paypal is not verified yet. Since I have a paypal account and is verified, can he transfer the money to my account so that I can withdraw the money in my account? Can this done? I would be very grateful for your input.
Yes he can send amount. But not more than $500. Because this is the sending limit of an unverified account.

If your account type is personal then there is no charge will be taken by PayPal

If your account type is premium or business then there is few charge will be taken by PayPal. See Website for fee details
Yes, absolutely no problem in transfering funds from his account to your account and then you can withdraw the money from your account.And about the limit ,its 500$ per month and cant transfer the funds above that.
Yes, this can be done. I had done this before. However you should avoid too much transferring because there is a probability that this transferring of funds frequently might be considered as money laundering and your account might be frozen.