Important information to those who buy and sell on OCT!

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James Spader

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First of all, thanks to all supporting the forum and contributing in a positive way to grow this forum, we appreciate your help.

It came to our attention that some guys around here have troubles with certain users and certain deals they have made. I will not post any details here for several reasons. As we tried to explain to several people it is a frustrating situation for both us as the forum owners and the buyers as well as e the legitimated sellers around.
We have already implemented various mechanism to catch and trace sellers but of course can’t see everything going on.

We can’t say it often enough, as a buyer you need to do your due diligence before you pay anyone here on the forum, the discussion has been up a few times already, but it seems people still have troubles.

If something goes wrong with a deal then the only option I as an administrator on this forum have is to BAN people, from time to time you may have noticed this is going fast while other times it takes some time.

Why that you may think? The reason is simple, just because we get a report it does not mean it is valid, as an example I can tell you that some of the most visible users around here all got a SCAM report even those helping people for free, they demanded me to BAN those users! Of course, this is not something we would do here, and I understand where these people are coming from.

Another reason is that a seller must pay money to be allowed to advertise their services here, means they pay a lot of money to do business and expect to get something in return. As not all are SCAM’s and most (thanks god) deliver on time and what was agreed to then we can’t just pull the BAN hammer towards these people.

For the guys which have troubles with their current deal we highly understand that it is frustrating to see that nothing happens, but there does, you can’t see it. It must also be frustrating to see that we not just BAN people because you say it, personally I understand it, but there is always a flip site of a case which must be investigated.

Rest assured people get banned here and for those long time around you have seen that even very old members which sadly turned into a scam got banned.

Hope it makes sense, this thread will not allow discussions about particular cases nor current situations but feel free to post suggestions or anything else you mean has relevance.