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We are looking for a payment processor who would accept our business.We are selling dried mushrooms who fall under category of legal "highs".We have been looking for past half year for a credit card processor,but with no luck.Even processors like ccbill doesnt accept our business.Any ideas where we should look?Seems like there is only scammers out there that accept our business.


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What's the reason you're being declined?
They dont never give me an exact reason,sometimes they tell me its in their prohibited activity list, but thats about it.We dont have a high chargeback count maybe 0.5% or less so thats definetly not the reason.Our products are legal worldwide except netherlands.We are registered business in europe.we really need to process cards because alot of people tend to order from us but not pay because theres only manual payment methods.
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You need to speak with a local processor or find some of the major processors and do a personal visit. If you fail with your product to apply for a merchant account then something is very wrong.


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still no solution.losing money everyday....everyone decline us.eventhough we have 0 chargebacks.
If that is the case you could signup for mentor group and get access to the database there, with that little information you provide there is zero to no chance that someone is able to help you.
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