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In person meetings waived?

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Has anyone tried approaching any banks that normally require in-person meetings to see if they have waived this requirement due to current worldwide conditions? (HK/SG/CH etc...)

Maybe some have switched to video conferencing for the time being?


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I've seen reports about that being the case in Hong Kong and Singapore (at least OCBC and DBS), not sure about Switzerland.

I don't think we can expect video conference to 100% replace in person meeting just yet, but for easily understood businesses that fit within the banks' risk appetite, it sounds possible though I haven't verified it personally.


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for existing account holders... LILALI2X skips face to face procedures right now and allows everything to take place over e-mail with smartphone photos... but this is only for existing account holders. new accounts still need to be opened in person and the clerk just keeps a 2-meter distance and sprays each document you hand over to her before she reviews it
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