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Mar 3, 2009
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Why are .info domain names so much cheaper to register than the other domains that end with .com, .org, .net or .gov? What I've seen is .info names going for $1.99 US compared to $6.99 or more for the others. Why?
One of the main factors for .info being so much cheaper is because the domain name is less appealing, and also because many cheap junk sites and search portals have a history of being on .info site names, which makes them difficult to be taken seriously.
Dot info domain extension names are cheaper because of low demand.There are no reputed sites and that use .info domain extension and it is mostly used by junk sites.So people are less serious to a website with info extension.Another point is fanciness. Most People are used to the name .com whenever they hear the name of any website.
The domain with dot info extension is unattractive.Most people are not used to such extension name.So they generally ignore the site,although it may be of good quality.The internet era began with the Dot com extension. So dot info domain extension is demand less and hence cost less.

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