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Is it legal to gamble online?


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Sep 11, 2009
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The short answer is that gambling online is perfectly legal for most U.S. players. What's not legal is for your bank to process online gaming transactions, but that's their problem, not yours. It varies from country to country though.

So far as we know, nobody has ever been prosecuted under U.S. law for simply gambling at an online casino or poker room. And yes, there was a new law passed in 2006, but that law governs banks, not players. It does nothing or says anything to criminalize actually playing the games online.

So guys, its legal!
Yup! Its your country's law that prevents or allows you to gamble online. In India its prohibited, though I think that after the rise of so many online currencies like LR, any person from any country can gamble online and then withdraw the money too, if the site supports e-wallets.
We all know gambling and sports betting are allowed in UK,USA and in some other EU countries.But PAYPAL does not allow any gambling or casino sites to process payments.It is a known fact that Paypal operates under US laws.Isn't a contrasting fact? Officially gambling is not allowed in most countries,but people are playing online.So how can an agency can stop it? It is very difficult to differentiate between legal and illegal so far as online gambling is concerned.