1. diablo

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    I just read an article that Bulgaria lost all their Bitcoin Exchanges over night, this is only 2 days ago!

    They use banks in the Baltics to Exchange the 200,000 BTC they hold. Now I was wondering what Baltic banks allow crypto currency to be exchanged to FIAT?

    Does anyone know?
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  2. Milky Moon

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  3. Roclakow

    Roclakow New Member

    LHV bank in Estonia is very co-operative with cryptocurrencies.
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  4. diablo

    diablo Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    Thank you! very helpful I will have to look into them and hopefully get an account with one of them.
  5. John Kram

    John Kram New Member

    Is this still the case?
    I am after a crypto friendly bank, to open up for my Belize OCI.
  6. Roclakow

    Roclakow New Member

    Well, this month I have exchanged +200k to my account there and no questions have been asked.
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  7. John Kram

    John Kram New Member

    thanks much, would you mind 2 further questions?
    corporate account?
    and you opened yourself online? or used any broker to do it?
  8. Roclakow

    Roclakow New Member

    No problem, I have a private account and I went to their branch in Tallinn but I believe it is not a problem to do it online also.
  9. inty

    inty New Member

    you still definitely need to pay them a visit in Tallin. well worth it!
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  10. diablo

    diablo Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    Do you know the bank and have an account there?
  11. Admin

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    Seems they require an introducer or similar! Anyone know how to work around this?
  12. icecold

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  13. blueweb

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