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Is Too Much Thinking Bad for Your Mental State?


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Sep 15, 2009
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I remember a quote shared to me a long ago that followed the lines of, "Intelligence and happiness rarely coincides." Although not the exact quote, this statement had a particularly strong impact on me, and one that has cropped up in my mind regularly. All too often, I feel that by spending time thinking about life in general, and the world surrounding me, has a negative effect on my views. I feel that by pondering such matters, all the positive thoughts are pushed aside by the negative ones.

Admittedly, I'm glad that I have, what I would at least consider, a fair understanding of the world, yet I usually notice that it is the most oblivious and "ignorant" who find the most enjoyment from it, simply because of the fact that their minds aren't trapped in a state of over-thinking.

My question here is; Have any of you ever shared my aforementioned feeling, and has your over-thinking caused you to view the world in a more sinister view?~Mr. Kennedy~

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