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Is Twitter Worth a Billion Bucks?

I sure dont like twitter in any way just cuz it has very restricted socializing way as far as i feel. I still wonder why people join twitter!! No Really i do!! N this news is a shocking for me. Twitter worth billion bucks?! Why is it so popular?
I really enjoy tweeting most times and log in almost everyday. It can also be a good affiliate marketing techniques if you know how. And the bonus points is you get lots of information from all over. And of course don't forget the fun part.

Twitter is here to stay and i definitely i will say that its worth a billion bucks.ops!
kinda crazy to me, i mean they're not even making money yet. i do personally love twitter; i actually have acquaintances from all over the world b/c of twitter, both from a business and personal twitters. i do think it's just a passing fad....but, i'm enjoying it while it's here :)
Twitter deserves to be valued that high simply because people love it. That's the thing about capitalism, the market gives in to what the people want. It may just be a fad, but it will correct itself if it is.