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Italian banks - need solid feedback


Active Member
Hello guys!
I am looking for Italian bank to open account for Czech company.
Company is solid and real, marketing, most of transactions go in Europe (Cz, UK, Netherlands, Spain).
Looking for reliable and understandable bank in Italy, with Eng online banking.
Visit to Italy is okay, just not to small town.
Thanks in advance!


Unicredit bank will work for you. Even better if you support it by opening a business account in Czech Unicredit first which is piece of cake for Czech company.


Active Member
Hey guys! Thanks for replies, waiting for some other opinions.
Faced a problem that most of banks even don't answer in English while calling them for consultation doh948"" nai¤%

Mark Rucken

Active Member
Why in Italy? That is the first thing they will ask you. They will 100% ask you te obtain Italian codice fiscale (local tax number that is also issued for non-residents), without it you can not open an account in Italy for Czech or any other foreign company. Later they will ask for a contract between your Czech and some Italian company to justify account opening in Italy ...

I tried to open an account in Intesa, but they require 2 visits (first time to meet you and talk to you about your business in Italy and then IF you get an approval, to come back to the bank and sign bank forms) plus you need to find someone to obtain codice fiscale for the company, so in the end I gave up.


Active Member
Thank you for your experience!
So, without already established business relationship with some company in Italy it will not work?
Two visits are okay if they give an approval.
Can you advise any trusted agent to get codice fiscale and in general anyone who can assist in establishing company there with bank account and accounting?
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