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Italy’s New Tax Breaks (09/2019)


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Just a pre-note:
I got my previous post deleted because I was told I wasn’t clear enough and I was trying to play funny games, I apologize if I wasn’t clear so I’m going to try to be as clear as possible, nonetheless, I assure you I wasn’t trying to play funny games, I very much respect all the feedback I’ve received here and I would never do something stupid like that.

Is anyone aware of these relatively new tax breaks for foreigners earning foreign income in Italy? They were introduced in September 2019 but are still being rolled out:

How does it work? Would receiving dividends from a foreign company like an American LLC be considered foreign earned income? If not, what would?

Also, can you recommend an accountant or tax advisor in Sardinia who can speak English? I’ve tried to find one but haven’t found one yet.

Regarding tax breaks for foreigners, I believe that a lot of other countries are going to start coming up with similar tax breaks in order to help them recover from the current crisis.

Just to make sure that the confusion created in the previous post really doesn’t happen again, I’m going to reinforce the fact that this new policy is not brand new, it’s from September 2019 and that by saying that other countries may introduce similar tax breaks due to the current crisis I am in no way claiming that this was introduced because of the virus.

thank you in advance for your help!

Martin Everson

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Thanks for the post.

They have a lot of schemes going on now since they introduced the original 100k resident non-dom scheme. I get it that they need to attract people with money ideas and who are self sufficient but lets see.

Sounds interesting although the duration of the new schemes are time limited :confused:.
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