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Just installed Skype and it works great

I have for some years now followed the conversations about Skype and always thought of to have it installed on my pc, but the reviews wasn't good but now I installed it and I must say Skype rocks, it is a great way to get and IP phone solution and chat system in 1 simple solution.

Skype is my favorite now :D
I completely agree with you. Skype is indeed a very useful tool to talk with people who are away somewhere else in this world. I am using it since long. There is only one requirement of Skype is that at both the ends there should be internet connection with Skype installed in the PC.
I know nothing about Skye.what 's its benefit after installing it in a Computer.Can somebody give me details about it?What I understood from others discussion,it may a software for voice communication.But how can I use it? Is it free to talk after installing it in PC.