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KEABANK - Review

Recently stumbled upon another "bank" named KEABANK. Turned out, run by the same people who owned and operated Migom Bank, very well known, which have stolen millions of account holders' funds. I am afraid that this is yet another scam from the same people. Modus operandi is the following: establish a "bank" or a payment system by some supposedly respectful financial guys, get deposits, then sell it to some fool, who would be told that it's a great chance at investment to have him and only him on paper, which seemingly disconnects them from the new establishment. Then run away at some point. And establish another scam.
For a moment, I thought that I might be wrong and they are OK people, but I was proven wrong after an investigation.
where have you your information from? is it backed up by any source?
We have just discussed this thread with KEABANK and have agreed to give it a new life in another forum and change the title to something more appropriate.

Additionally, we have exceptionally lifted the KEABANK representative's user account here on OCT so they can engage in a factual discussion.

We would ask all parties to refrain from posting names, getting personal, or otherwise posting sensitive information. Failure to comply will result in 1 warning point; at 3 warning points, we will ask you to use the door at the exit.

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