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Keep our environtment green

Hello friends

Are you concerned about global warming? Does it concern you when you think about all the damage pollution can do to our environment? We can all play a part in keeping our environment green and healthy.

Recycling is one of the biggest projects we have taken upon ourselves in this country. In some cities, you can even get fined for throwing away your recyclables. It has become a habit to recycle, a way of life even. Most business's even have recycle bins to keep plastic and aluminum separate from garbage.

But we must increase our efforts, and go beyond recycling. Check at green environment online go to learn some of the other steps you can take to stay green. We can do our part by using less water, turning the lights off when we leave a room, and keeping our heat down in the winter months, even if it means wearing a sweater to keep warm.

Thanks to all friends....................