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Lately I get these SPAM e-mails for advertising on my Web Directory


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Jan 7, 2009
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Latly I get these spammy e-mails, if I reply to them no one get back, I consider it spam, since I get let's say 30 or 40 of them daily.

Good day,
I am trying to attract more visitors to my website, so I am interested in having advertising space on sites as yours webdanes.com. Please tell me how much do I need to pay you for advertising space on your homepage or sitewide?

It's annoying to get those mails.
Well I am not sure whether this is a spam mail. Most of the spam mails I came across don't agree to pay money for advertising their sites. I think that the mailer really want to advertise his site for money.
I never got such type of mails. I have encountered with various phishing scam on behalf of eBay and my bank claiming that I have an account problem. My inbox is full of such fraud mails.

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