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legitimate ways to send money without a credit card?

If you have credit card and want to send funds without disclosing the details of credit card,then Google Checkout is a good option.If you have no credit card but want to send funds abroad,then Western Union Money transfer is a good medium.Online Bank transfer on real time basis is also possible in some countries.The transaction is also different in different services, so you should take informed decision which one is best suitable for you.
PerfectTrader said:
ways to send money without a credit card?
The best way to send money online is through Paypal as you have to just add your bank account to withdraw money from your Paypal's account. The most common way of sending money abroad is through Western union money transfer as you don;t have to disclose any relevant information about your credit card.
There is no doubt about it that Paypal is the best suitable method to send money abroad.Some members here has also discussed about western union.But I want to add the name of ALERTPAY to the list.ALERTPAY is a trusted Payment processing Firm of Canada who enjoy the trust of most EU member nations.You can reliably send money through Alertpay also.