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Sep 17, 2009
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It was my mother-in-law's first year death anniversary, yesterday.

At the same time, it was Patrick's 6th birthday.

We had been in the province the whole day yesterday.

That's almost 2 hours of travel with motorcycle from the city.

Aside from having no internet connection the other night.

The whole day's celebration in the province made me away for sometimes.

Well, it's nice to be back, AGAIN...

I heard from my office-mates, that one, it was her deceased grandmother's birthday too.

The other one said, it was her third kid's birthday.

Anyway, do you have this kind of twin celebration or a double celebration in the family?

Like you have two people to celebrate their birthdays in the same date?

Or it's your wedding anniversary and at the same time, it's your parent-in-laws' wedding anniversary too?
well, on your topic, there are many dates like birthdays who also have the same dates to others..

my brother's birthday is August 12, and two of my cousins also have the same birth date.. so it ended up to a triple celebration and it is much saver to my mom, happy.. also the wedding anniversary of my parents is the same in the birth date of my cousin, so funny but it's true..

my grandfather will be celebrating his birthday this coming 26 together with my 4 year old cousin, another eating caravan next week.. w00t