Leupay becomes Leopay

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  1. David97255

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    Hope Leupay LTD won't become Leopay LTD ;);)
    For those who understand...
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    and for those who don't know, please elaborate or I will delete this thread ;)
  3. David97255

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    You are hard with me , I m a little gentle member.
    I don't see what can provide a change of a letter in a name. Leupay Leopay or even leepay will not change the face of the world.
    Worried more about the fact that leupay LTD will disappear to the profit of Leopay ltd
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  4. Martin Everson

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    I talked about this on this thread back in May. ;)

    Leupay blocked account

    They have a long history or changing territory and re-branding for no reason. Every time scandal hits they move country and leave customers screwed. i.e after Satabank issue which by the way was owned by Leopay (Leupay) owners.;)

    "A rolling stone gathers no moss"
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