LeuPay no longer accepting countries

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  1. K12AN

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    Hi all

    A friend of mine recently tried to open a LeuPay account for his UAE business, on my recommendation (as I use it for UAE).
    However, UAE is no longer on their list of supported countries. Lots of countries have been removed.
    What are the best alternatives?
    Any idea why they've stopped accepting lots of countries?
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  2. Internationaloff

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    Try Paysera.
  3. Nyep

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    @chloeward looks more and more like a shill for Ikajo. He's been pushing it in practically every thread he's been involved with on this forum. Nice bit of free advertising. That's enough now.
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  4. K12AN

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    Am I right in saying Paysera only supports Euro?
    I have a GBP account with LeuPay and it works great. However they don't accept new customers in UAE now.
    Shame, as I was really a big fan of LeuPay
  5. Nyep

    Nyep Building Trust Entrepreneur

    If you have an existing relationship with them, they may approve you as an exception. I'd talk to support if I were you.
  6. Tentwototwo

    Tentwototwo New Member

    Anyone else receiving a processing error when filling the Leupay business account form?
  7. K12AN

    K12AN Active Member

    Are you trying to open a new account? Which country for?
  8. Tentwototwo

    Tentwototwo New Member

    Canada as a e-resident and a newly registered company in Estonia. The error was generic, in the lines of “There was an error processing the application. Please contact support...”. Perhaps the browser I was using.
  9. Samuel Newman

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    does Ikajo provides IBANs for wire transfers?
    according to their website, they provide only card processing
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    Sorry had to BAN tis use for spamming the forum. Thanks to the guys that reported this user thu&¤#